About Us

Hello and Welcome, my name is Violeta and I am the founder of Nixso Boutique!

I love self care and jewelry, this space was created with the objective to bring you beautiful jewelry pieces at anyone's budget. We also work directly with beauty brands to offer you better prices than your regular stores.

We love skincare and self care products that are natural, vegan, and without all those harsh chemicals.  

Currently we are rebranding all our jewelry products, we are working towards 100% handmade products that will ensure the quality of the materials as well as lowering the prices.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, we appreciate your interest in our brand!

Thank you for your preference and trust!



We are very grateful of being part of the 2021 July subscription box from The KoKe Box: A Women's Lifestyle Subscription box that supports local business across Canada! 

Find out More about the KoKe Box here: https://www.thekokebox.com/