Fashion Jewelry Materials

Fashion Jewelry Materials

Hi welcome to Nixso's Class (hehe), we want to explain all the differences  in all the materials used in our fashion jewelry collections. We believe is very important as this might give you a little help in choosing the jewelry that fit your personal needs.

Alloy: a mixture of metals containing copper, silver, zinc and/or tin (It might contain traces of lead). This is the most durable but it can tarnish depending of the oxidation of the metal (most particularly if the alloy is high on copper or iron). Depending of the material composition can cause allergies for some people.

Copper: this a high durable and can last for a long time. As time passes the copper jewelry will turn into an orange-red color and later can turned green due to the wear.

Brass: is an alloy of copper and zinc, very affordable and durable. This material is widely used in artisanal jewelry. It could contain Nickel, which can cause allergies for some people.

Stainless steel: this is a very thought and corrosion resistant material, it won't discolored. It is not allergic or toxic compared to other metals.

925 Silver: It contains pure silver with a 7.5% of copper. It last longer and looks high grade, however due to the copper in it, it can discolor over time.

Gold plated: This jewelry have a base metal which can be copper, alloy or silver (and others), and then is passed through a K gold plating on top of it (usually is 14K gold plating), this type of material increases the life of your jewelry.

Electroplating: A fine coat of K gold is added into the base metal (usually copper).

Titanium: This is 100% hypoallergenic metal. This material is durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant.

K gold: is an alloy of gold fused with other metals. The composition of alloy and gold is differenced by the number. You know this already, it ranges and most common karats are 10K, 14K, 18K and 24K. Gold that has a 24K is 100% gold.

We hope you enjoy this information, let us know what are your preferences while choosing jewelry. Do you go for more affordable options or do you prefer high end metals like pure gold? 

There is no perfect answer, let's enjoy the beauty of all jewelry types and designs! 




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