Cleaning your fashion Jewelry

Cleaning your fashion Jewelry

Hi again, this time I want to talk about how to clean your jewelry. Depending of the material of the jewelry discolouration might happen, sometimes our skin pH and the lotions, products and perfumes we use can accelerate this discolouration. Now without further waiting here are the my recommendations:

To clean your bronze, alloy, brass and copper jewelry: Use only water and a soft old brush (like toothbrush), gentle brush the pieces and dry off. If the piece still dirty you can try to clean with a little soap mixture or a little toothpaste and a bit of water. If the pieces are plated with gold color or another gold alloy metal be extra careful as this can remove the plating or paint (some suppliers make the chains and clasp fittings with silver metal and then platted with some gold alloy metal or even paint them gold), then rinse with water and pat down and place flat to fully dry.

To clean your silver, titanium and gold jewelry: first option is to clean with toothpaste and a soft brush like the instructions above. Alternative you can use a polish cloth to remove some of the tarnish and dirt, by using a polishing cloth this will leave a shine to your jewelry. 

These cleaning options are the ones I mostly use for my fashion and fine jewelry, and they work perfectly fine based on my experience (I am not a professional, therefore for very expensive and fine jewelry I recommend you to take it to a professional for polishing and cleaning). If the jewelry is not tarnished but only dusty you can always rinse with water only (never use other type of chemicals as this could damage them) and remember to pat down and place flat to fully dry.

Hope this information helps! I still have "affordable" jewelry from ages ago and they look amazing!



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